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Honda has introduced the world-first development of hybrid-molded rear bumper beam in the hydrogen electric vehicle “Clarity Fuel Cell” using one-shot molding technology. The component is made of Tepex, continuous- and long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with PA 6 matrix from LANXESS subsidiary Bond-Laminates, in combination with Durethan, a PA 6 engineering plastic grade from LANXESS.

details of use case
advantages Lightweight design: First hybrid-molded rear bumper beam

One-shot molding technology enabled

50 percent weight reduction compared to the metal solution

Significant streamlining of the production process

material Insert: Tepex (composite sheet with continuous fiber reinforcement with PA 6 matrix)

Compound: Durethan (PA 6)

process One-shot molding technology
development status Series production
development partners LANXESS, Takagi Seiko Co., Sunwa Trading
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