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Maezio® continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites with a polycarbonate matrix enable the construction of an ultra-thin yet robust table with high-quality optical properties. It is designed for autonomously driving automobiles, developed by a consortium of three partners.

details of use case
advantages Ultra-thin and extremely stiff –  can handle up to 50kg of load

Requires minimum constructed space

Creates a high aesthetic value with superior surface quality

material Maezio® (CF/PC) UD sheet

Baydur® (PU) foam

process Thermoforming
development status Feasibility study for an automotive interior concept
development partners Engel, Dr. Schneider
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Further information regarding the project can be found here.

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Herr Arne Böttcher

Market Development Manager
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AZL Partner Covestro
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AZL Partner Covestro
AZL Partner Covestro
AZL Partner Covestro
AZL Partner Covestro
AZL Partner Covestro