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LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 7.9 billion in 2015 and about 16,600 employees in 29 countries. As a part of the High Performance Materials business unit, Bond-Laminates, based in Brilon, Germany, complements LANXESS‘ competences in the field of innovative lightweight materials. Bond-Laminates has more than 15 years experience in development, manufacturing and its application development of thermoplastic composites.

The Tepex® composite material system enables cost-effective parts fabrication processes suitable for mass-production, especially in combination with injection molding and has already been successfully applied in versatile applications and markets.

In order to select the best-fit Tepex® material system and customize it for a specific application requirement,  material and application development experts of Bond-Laminates and LANXESS closely cooperate with our customers.

Our services cover the whole range of component development, from the material choice, concept development and FE simulation, to final part testing and processing support.

Design and Simulation

  • HiAnt engineering services: Support for complete component development process
  • Concept design, cost-performance optimization (e.g. hybrid technology)
  • Material selection, development of tailored material solutions
  • Process simulation: draping, forming, injection moulding process
  • Determination of pre-cut geometry
  • FE Analysis, Structural behaviour and geometry optimization


  • Tepex – Thermoplastic composite sheets
  • Tepex dynalite: Maximum strength at minimum weight, multiple layers of continuous fibre reinforcements in a matrix of engineering thermoplastics
  • Tepex optilite: Tailored for applications with superior surface quality, e.g. consumer electronics and sporting goods
  • Tepex flowcore: Consisting of long glass fibers, to be processed by standard compression molding
  • Engineering plastics compounds for the automotive and E/E industry (Durethan, Pocan)

Process Optimization and Consulting

  • Due to extensive experience in processing of thermoplastic composites we also offer support concerning production process, heating and forming
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