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Concerning COMPOSITE materials, the Mitsui Chemicals Group provides and continuously develops long fiber reinforced thermoplastic compounds (LFT – MOSTRON™) and unidirectional fiber reinforced tapes based on carbon fiber and polypropylene (CF/PP – UD-Tapes).

Regarding the UD-Tapes based on CF/PP, they are distinguished by a specially own developed PP-compatible sizing for carbon fibers, which allows a very good fiber matrix adhesion and therefore also high mechanical properties. In addition, an own modified PP compound as matrix is used, so that the bonding is again increased and higher application temperatures are possible for a short time.

Design and Simulation

  • CAE
  • Moldflow


  • MOSTRON™ (LFT compounds)
  • UD-Tape based on carbon fibers and polypropylene
  • ARLEN™, AURUM™ (High performance polymers)
  • General material optimization upon customers request

Machinery and Tooling

  • UD-Tape production line
  • Compounding facility
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We are continuously evaluating further processing possibilities and potential applications for our materials. Naturally, we are very open to new collaborations, partners and projects.

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Flyer with characterization overview to download: Mitsui Chemicals CF/PP-UD-Tape

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