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AFPT offers special purpose machinery for the automated laser assisted production of thermoplastic composite parts. AFPT delivers both tape winding and tape placement equipment. With the equipment, customers produce mainly rotationally symmetric parts such as bearings, seals, tubes, pipes and pressure vessels which can be manufactured without thermal post-processing. Enormous economic potential is provided by omission of the earlier necessary high manual labor and the associated costs. Our equipment and parts are used in aerospace, automotive and oil & gas industries. In our Technical Centre we develop together with our customers products and production strategies. AFPT is certified according to EN ISO 9001:20015.

Machinery and Tooling

  • Equipment for Tape Placement & Winding
  • Fully automated production units


  • Prototyping
  • Product Development
  • Production services will be carried out by our subsidiary Alformet. For more information please visit:
what we are looking for

We are looking for OEMs or Tier suppliers that are interested in solutions for automated production of thermoplastic composite components.

further information

Find more information about the automated production of thermoplasticcomposite parts using AFPT’s laser-assisted placement technology here.

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