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Schuler supplies hydraulic presses for composite manufacturing. Depending on the boundary conditions of the customer and the requirements of the thermoplastic process, Schuler provides two different press systems. Traditional long-stroke presses as well as a new developed short-stroke press. The latest development of short-stroke press is optimized for an installation within buildings of very limited height and excellent accessability to supply the mould with all required medias for a thermoplastic process like for instance a injection moulding machine. Together with Schuler’s Composites Alliance partner Frimo the alliance can offer turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of thermoplastic composites including moulds, heating devices, handling systems, cutting system, etc.

Machinery and Tooling

  • Hydraulic presses for composite manufacturing (GMT, D-LFT, organosheet and others)
  • Turnkey solution together with Composites Alliance partner Frimo
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Find out more information on Composite Presses here.

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  • Experience in the field of series production of thermoplastic composites
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