Trunk Floor | Maserati Ghibli

The trunk floor is composed of a polypropylene honeycomb core and glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite skins. A honeycomb sandwich panel with wood-flour filled PP composite (WPC) skins is an alternative solution.

The laminated honeycomb panel is converted into the final part by conventional thermoforming.

details of use case
advantages Weight saving & long term stability

Recyclability / clean production environment

Short cycle, efficient process-ability by thermoforming

Competitive costs due to the continuous production process and due to reduction of material resources

material Honeycomb core: polypropylene

Skin layers: composite of polypropylene and glass fiber

process This part is a result of technology developed and patented by EconCore: a continuous, cost-efficient process for production of thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panels and has been made by Renolit GOR – EconCore’s licensee.
development status Applied in field
development partners Renolit GOR
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