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In the activities of Composite material, we are a woven and knitting fabricator & Prepreger of thermo-set and thermo-plastics.  8exe® (Eightex) is our brand name of thermo-plastic prepreg which has varieties of uni-Directional prepreg (W 1,000mm x L 1,000 M or more), fabric prepregs (Inc. Spread thin-layer fabrics), and random prepregs.

Also, semi-finished products as pre-Formed materials such as laminates, rods, NCF styled, etc. are available.

In these thermo-plastic materials, reinforcement fibers of CF,GF, AF, and others are available, besides the matrix resin system availabilities of PE, PP, TPU, PA6, PA/L, PPS, PEI, PES, LCP. PEEK, and more.

We are to supply tailored Composite materials along with your requirements to build up new applications in composites together.

We can also support process design from our material expert’s view point. The integrated knowledge of material and process should be the best options for the customers.


Production of Materials

  • Fibers: Glass Fibers, Carbon Fibers
  • Short Fiber Compounds, Long-fiber-reinforced Compounds, Molding Compounds
  • Unidirectional Tapes
  • Laminates and Sheets
  • Fabrics
  • Thermo plastic UD prepreged tape “8exe®-U (Eightex-U)”
  • Thermo plastic Fabric prepreg “8exe®-F (Eightex-F)
  • Thermo plastic Random prepreg “8exe®-R (Eightex-R)
  • Semi-finished products as Preforms / Laminates, Rod, etc.

Available Machinery and Tooling for Protoyping

  • Presses
  • Tape Winding and Placement
  • Automation
  • TP/ Prepreg machine for UD(@w1,000mm)
  • 500 t & 200t press machine for laminates
  • Automated layup system
  • Filament winding
  • Weaving & knitting machines for reinforcements

Process Optimization and Consulting

  • Engineering design support
  • Prototyping
what we are looking for

We are looking forward to establish cooperation relationships to develop & complete new applications in Thermo plastic composite fields as production level.

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Executive Manager

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