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Fagor Arrasate is specialized in manufacturing presses, automating processes and delivering turnkey solutions. Thus, what Fagor Arrasate offers is all the knowledge in automating processes and providing solutions to different production cases.

Our turnkey solutions for Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites are based on integrating different kind of injection units/extrusion systemns/ovens together with our conventional or short stroke press, and making the automation with special handling systems which could be fitted to a conventional robot or to a robot specially designed for a certain process and productivity; it depends on the production ratio.


Processing and Part Manufacturing

  • Process Auotmation
  • Turn key Installations


Mold and Equipment

  • Complete Turn Key Installations (Automation, Press, Integration of equipments,…)
  • Specialist in Process Automation
  • Short Stroke Press
  • Conventional Press
  • Integration of Equipments
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Find out more about Composite Froming Lines here.

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Cooperation with partners for future developing processes.

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