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Code Product Solutions supports customers in the optimal utilization of thermoplastic composites in affordable (hybrid) structural parts. Having an expertise in both fiber-reinforced polymers and metals, we are able to offer metal-to-composites redesign solutions. We focus on lightweight, cost efficient and producible applications with high mechanical properties on safety, stiffness and strength.

Using our CAE (computer-aided engineering) driven design expertise, we take into account the specific composite behavior in different circumstances. Our predictive simulations guide redesign decisions successfully, from early in the concept phase till the finalization phase. We improve the total product development efficiency, resulting in a cost saving process and a faster time to market.

Challenges for Thermoplastic Composites

With promises of great performance, composite materials and structures also present challenges. Together with our customers and partnerships such as AZL, we are continuously building on our knowledge and skills:

  • Optimal design of composite structural parts
  • Design for composite manufacturing processes
  • Cost efficient weight reduction
  • Prediction of failure in dynamic (crash) load cases
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See our Pitch from the AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2016.

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Commercial projects, research projects, experience in the field of design and production of thermoplastic composites.

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