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Research and service labs are the source of our innovative strength. By creating optimized additives, we’re able to significantly raise the physical limits of raw materials. BYK has been applying our extensive know-how in the areas of couplers, modifiers and surface-active additives to the processing technology of thermoplastics for some time now. The expertise of our specialists is enhanced by the exclusivity of our service lab equipment which includes a professional injection molding machine, as well as special lab instruments for manufacturing and processing granules such as single and twin-screw extruders and a calendar. At BYK, each and every step in the compounding process can be reproduced in the lab – right down to the finished product. Standardized testing procedures make the findings obtained obvious and comparable.

BYK has 14 production sites and 33 laboratory locations worldwide and invests 8% of sales in R&D.

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