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The Berndorf Band Group developed a modular double belt press, which ensures a flexible and cost-efficient production of various thermoplastic composites. Due to the modular design, the machine can be enlarged, reduced or reoriented at any time. Depending on raw materials and the desired product features, four different modules (roller carpet module, fixed roller module, sliding plate module and calender module) can be arranged as demanded. This allows a fully customized machine design with any number of scale from lab trials up to mass production of composites.

Individual Production Tests in Berndorf, Austria

Customers can visit our Research and Development Center to convince themselves on site about the advantages of the modular double belt press. Together with our competent experts we are able to provide a wide range of possibilities for customized product development, process design, experimental testing as well as for the manufacturing of product samples.

Services in the area of thermoplastic composites

  • Conception of individual experimental arrangements for feasibility testing of new product ideas
  • Definition of appropriate raw material feeding and –applications
  • Development of suitable process- and machine parameters (production speed, temperature profile etc.) based on desired product features
  • Manufacturing of product-samples

Machinery and Tooling

  • Double belt presses
  • Components for steel belt machines (e. g. belt tensioning and tracking systems, belt cleaning devices, steel belts, etc.)

Process Optimization and Consulting

  • Technical Support
  • Research & Development Center for Product Tests (Prototyping)
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Click here for detailed information about our modular double belt press.

For more information about our R&D Center click here.

what we are looking for
  • Projects in the area of continuous production processes
  • Material suppliers who want to learn more about steel belt systems as possible option for future production of composite sheets and panels
  • Producers of thermoplastic composites who want to carry out proof-of-concept tests or raise their production output
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