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Glass Bubbles

Hollow glass microspheres with a high strength to density ratio. Lightweight but with a strength for processing survival. Potential enhancements high filler loading, reduced warpage/shrinkage, sandability and more.

Specialty Additives

For over two decades Dyneon’s Specialty Additives has manufactured Dynamar™ Polymer Processing Additives (PPAs) under the Dynamar brand. A long trusted brand – Dynamar PPAs improves both processing productivity and surface quality.

The Specialty Additives also market two products of the Dyneon™ Polymer Additives family – micropowders and fine powders, which are used for mar resistance and anti-drip.

Boron Nitride Cooling Filler

Ongoing miniaturization and large-scale production (LED/ automotive) of electronic components requires materials that can quickly and effectively dissipate heat within an extremely small space. Highly thermally conductive polymers are used for applications involving   he transfer, propagation or dissipation of thermal energy. Modern thermal management composites offer extremely good thermal conductivity while retaining the typical properties of plastics such as electrical insulation and low weight.

PTFE & PTFE Compounds | Fluorothermoplastics | Fluoroelastomers

With a wide range of products for Elastomers, Fluorothermoplastics, PTFE & PTFE Compounds and Specialty Additives, Dyneon meets the diverse industrial requirements and customer expectations – Dyneon Fluoropolymers from 3M is the preferred choice world-over.

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